Prague – Czech Republic

There was a time, not that long ago, when Prague was a noble city hidden and challenging to access spontaneously by foreigners. In fact, it is mostly after 1990 that today’s Czech Republic capital really started gaining the hearts of travelers and increased the infrastructure to welcome tourists.  All this work has paid off and today Prague is often listed as a top destination in Europe and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Direct flights have helped with short and longer stays in the city. You can discover Prague for a variety reasons: architecture, medieval structures, religious work and history or sampling the varieties of local beers. 

While I do not have a profound architectural knowledge, the variety of styles will surprise and charm many visitors, it is far from boring. While it may seem repetitive with other cities, the Charles Bridge with the towers, the astronomical clock and the square nearby, the story behind Saints Cyril and Methodius church, the golden lane and the suits of armor collection, the Jewish cemetery, St-George’s Basilica, the dancing house are some of the very unique elements of Prague. Also, while walking in the city center of Prague you will notice some modern integrated elements: Head of Kafka, the Piss “fountain” among others which bring some revitalization in the city. 

You will be also pleased to know that many of Prague’s historical buildings and the Old city have miraculously avoided damages caused during war time, thus you will be able to see the original version of selected structures some of which dates back to the late 9th century.  The city has witnessed the community transformation not always in a harmonious way but they should be proud of where they are today.

Prague, the largest city in the Czech Republic, is divided in two by the Vltava River. Many bridges cross and join both sides of city, with the most popular obviously the Charles Bridge.

Many sites and neighborhoods are accessible to visit on foot.

Summary of the some places to visit: 

Malá Strana

Old Town (Staré Město)

New Town


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