Prevost – Train Station – Quebec

The village of Prevost is a merge of Lesage, Shawbridge (previously Mount Pleasant) and the old town of Prevost. The first family settled in the area in 1842.

As its original name indicates, Mount Pleasant, the village, is at the beginning of the Laurentian Mountains and the region presents nice, smooth and more important hills when compared to Montreal.  Again, in 1842, it was at a time when cars and roads were almost nonexistent.

As in other villages, the potential of the train in the village was a big announcement.  The villagers were conscious of the potential of attracting visitors. For them, the exchange of goods (receiving and shipping) would open opportunities. For Montrealers, access to new winter activities and skiing was inviting.

At one time, people came to practice their sports. Mount Pleasant was very popular and the village claimed to have the first engine operated ski-lift in North America.  Of course, it is not the same as our comfortable heated ski chair that we can have today but it is the embryonic version.  An old Dodge car engine to which a cable was attached was actually used to take skiers to a higher spot and focus on the downhill portion. That was in the 1920’s.  Indeed, from 1927 to 1939, Shawbridge was a well-known go-to ski destination until the ski-lift concept was brought to another level. The car industry bloomed, roads started to be cleared in winter and ultimately, higher hills became accessible. 

Today, that glorious time can be remembered by the still standing and renovated train station for which the locals stood up for to revive. While currently named Prevost Station, it used to be the famous 1898 Shawbridge Station. Currently, it is part of the P’tit train du Nord multisport trail.

When we went by this summer, kiosks with local products were open. At a short walking distance, it is possible to take a break and eat a little something.