Baie St-Paul – Quebec

If you are planning to travel north of Quebec, Baie St-Paul is a must stop as it is an excellent representation of the region of Charlevoix beauty.  Artists from all other regions have come to Baie St-Paul for inspiration and representation of local nature, peace and a picturesque neighbourhood.

The village is not big and while the church is at its center, like most villages in this era, the charm rests on the art galleries and shops along the main street.

In addition, while walking on the main street, you will get familiar with artists of the region as they are represented by sculptures, busts, and a monument with pertinent information on their work.

I highly recommend taking the time to appreciate a glass of local beer.  The region has some nice microbrewers that present original beers.  Many restaurants offer them and you can enjoy with our without a meal. Again, try local produce.

In Baie St-Paul there is a dock with a small boardwalk.  When we went by, it was quiet. The kayak rental shack was closed and the area was silent, almost like the place was in need of some TLC.  To reach the Quai take rue St-Anne to the end. 

Baie St-Paul is the start of the Route du Fleuve or “St-Lawrence Route”. The destination is La Malbaie, another nice village and the scenic route takes you through other beautiful areas. Take a break and enjoy this place.  It is nicer than the highway!