Greece – My itinerary

Undoubtedly a good place to be.

Traveling is great and many of us have plan to visit Greece and for cause.

Some of us will seek its historical side, others its photogenic side, while others will be attracted for its romantic allure or for its sun and beaches and some for parties. All is good and valid.

The country has a long history and many locations are part the UNESCO world site.

There are infinite ways to visit Greece and they will all be good. There is no perfect route.  It is not only the destination it’s your journey and the people who go along with you.

A good element is Greece is well located geographically.  Indeed, being in Southeast Europe it is accessible from Europe, Asia, Africa and direct flights are also offered from North America.  Many northern region foresee Greece as an almost guaranteed nice warm weather destination.

Plus, if I can remind you that Greece is surrounded by seas: Ionian Sea, Cretan Sea, Aegean Seat and the Mediterranean sea.  Therefore, above the mainland, Greece also groups many many islands to visit.

Athens is the nation’s capital and the largest city of the country. With an international airport not far from the city, it welcomes visitors from around the world.

The ferry services help travelers to hop from an island to another, unless you prefer to fly.  Most popular island do have an airport, however some offers only seasonal service and some can only accommodate small aircraft.  It is up to you to decide with the time you have how to manage your visit and transfers.

We did use SeaJets ferries between Santorini and Naxos, Naxos to Syros and Syros to Piraeus on board the Champion boat and in terms of comfort, it was very good.

This was our itinerary:

We also visited on day trips: Delos & Mykonos, while in Naxos and Aegina when we were in Piraeus.

Two less fun experience: pick pocket and the effect of Instagram on tourism.

Minor observation, it can get redundant: Ruins, quaint village, beach / Ruins, quaint village, beach / Ruins, quaint village, beach / Ruins, quaint village, beach / Ruins, quaint village, beach.


Athens / Piraeus


Aegina/ Delos / Mykonos / Naxos / Santorini / Syros

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