Prague – Zizkov Television Tower

Some like it, some don’t

The Zizkov tower rises on top of the Zizkov hill and neighbourhood, thus its name. Built between 1985-1992, it has a unique revolutionary look that totally contrasts the old architecture of the city.  The space-futuristic-unconventional style tower was not an immediate coup de coeur but it was bold and imaginative to move this way.

The 216 meter (709 feet) tall tower is a multipurpose place. First built for a television tower, it is also an observation deck, a meteorology observatory, a restaurant, an antenna, one room hotel, a data center and probably more.

In addition to its particular style, an artistic work by David Cerny was originally meant as a temporary presentation but was reinstalled permanently and added to the tower.  The crawling babies are mounted on the three (3) column structure facing both up or down. Our apartment was about 5 minutes away from this tall building. We walked by every morning to get into town. It is a good 30 minute walk from downtown.

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