Prague – Henry’s Bell Tower (Jindrisska Tower)

Jindrisska Street

The 65.7 meter (215 foot) St. Henry’s lookout is considered the tallest freestanding bell tower in Prague.  The tower, built around 1472-1475, was first built of wood and was part of the church next door which is definitely a place to visit.  The clock on the tower was added a century later. Over the years, a more solid construction made of stone was determined to be more suitable. This area of the city was not spared from invaders or natural events but today the tower still rises proudly in the new town, close to the Wenceslas Square.

Renovations in the early 21th century modernized the installation by adding a lift, improved lighting and integrating a restaurant and bar. On the 10th floor of the tower, you have a panoramic view of the city.  An exhibit on the other level presents photographs, and the bells are a special feature of the place.  Please note that while there is a lift to access the viewing point, you still need to climb some narrow stairs. The gothic 15th century observation bell tower presents a gorgeous exterior style and don’t forget to visit the church across the street. However, the view and museum were, to me, so-so.

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