Mykonos – Greece

Mykonos, along with Santorini are, for many, the must go-to island when in Greece.  However, our stopover to Mykonos was not typical in two different ways. First, we decided not to stay an overnight on the island and we only booked a 3 hour visit with Viator combined with a 3 hour visit of Delos which was supposed to include lunch and a guide in Delos and Mykonos. And second, unexpectedly, we ended up with no lunch and no guide. So… we were on our own and not prepared.

Our stopover was in the afternoon and we started with a decent lunch next to the Manto Mavroenous statue.

Overall, our visit was limited, but definitely not boring.  In fact, it was colorful and busy. We saw vibrant boutiques, cafés, stores, restaurants and streets, along with a myriad of chapels and churches, Chora is definitely charming.  Beautiful people, beautiful background, warm, sophisticated and high-end stores around us.

In addition, we were lucky while wandering the streets to encounter the famous windmills and the “Little Venice” sector.  

Manto Mavroenous statue

Manto Mavroenous is now being recognized for her work and positive influence during the Greek War of Independence.  However, her life was not a fairy tale for the aristocratic lineage woman.  From a rich background, she contributed financially to support directly and indirectly to the Hellenic cause.  However, the same year she became famous on diverse perceptive she also lost everything. She died alone and deprived. Only years later the community realized her power and the impact of her work to the country. 

Windmills at Katomili

The windmills are a recognized landmark in Chora, Mykonos. The white towers, thatched roofs and small windows were intentionally erected facing north for maximum performance. You can see ruins of windmills on other islands but the location, the quality of the preservation work and the alignment in Mykonos is gorgeous.  While the mills are no longer used as their original function, there was a time when they used to be an important source of work and food transformation (wheat mill) in the region, thus good economy for the region. The view from the windmills is remarkable even during day time.  You will see the city, the Little Venice and a beach. Enjoy and take pictures.

Little Venice

The Little Venice is a series of multi-colored townhouses aligned at the edge of the water with balconies overhanging the water. One of the best photo opportunities is actually very close to the famous windmills. 

Special note

If you like the Jason Bourne movies, the last scene of the first movie (Bourne Identity) where Jason meets Marie again was filmed here between the mills and Little Venice.

Enjoy your visit of Mykonos!


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