Prague – St.George’s Basilica

Surprising unexpected interior!

St.George’s Basilica is part of the Prague Castle complex. It is one of the oldest churches in the city and was founded in 920. Due to a major fire in 1142 only a few parts were preserved in the reconstruction. The current red brick façade style surely differs from other churches and dates back to the 17th century.

Members of the Bohemia Kingdom are resting in this Basilica: Ludmila of Bohemia, the grand-mother of King Wenceslas, a martyr and a saint as well as the father of Wenceslas and Vratislaus I, founder of the church.

This royal church offers a narrow, simple, sober style interior and is very different from what I expected. I value unpretentious yet noble places like that. I do consider this place as a must see in Prague.

Due to the proportion, layout and material of this religious building, the place hosts concerts and is recognized for its acoustic features.

Access was included to the Prague Castle complex as part of the admission ticket.

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