Prague – Old Town Square

The Old Town Square is surrounded by incredible architectural style and history.  You must take the time to stop, look around, look up and enjoy the moment to soak up and to feel the history of the stones and buildings of this incredible place.

The square is lively, cheerful and you will find things to see 360 degrees:

– Monument: Jan Hus monument (see below)

– Churches: St.Nicholas and Our Lady before Tyn

Old Town Hall and the Astronomical Clock

– Museum: National Gallery

– Houses: Stone Bell, Storch, at the Minute, Kinsky Palace

– Street Performers, seasonal markets

– Manifestation (sometimes) to celebrate or to revendicate

It is centrally placed and you are likely to reach the square to get to major attractions. You are also within walking distance of the Powder Gate, Municipal House, Wencenlas Square, and Saint Henry Tower.

Idea: If you have young ones with you, to balance history and fun, I recommend stopping at Hamleys toy store nearby.

Statue of Jan Hus (Jan Hus Memorial)

Jan Hus was not a conformist and at that time, 1415, having different ideas and beliefs could be deadly. This is what happened to Jan Hus. His execution led to the historical Hussite wars. His speeches inspired others to be strong and mindful of the strong dominance of the Catholic Church and the Habsburgs and to think differently. The monument was quietly revealed on July 6, 1915, 500 years after his death.

The monument features the statue of Jan Hus as well as supporters around him, Hussite warriors and people ousted from the country in the 1620s. The influence of Jan Hus, therefore, spanned hundreds of years after his death. Notice that the main character is looking towards the Church of Our Lady before Tyn, which was in fact, between 1419 and 1621, the main church of the Hussite.

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