Vienna – Schönbrunn Complex / Palace

More than just a Palace

First, in case you are not aware, Schönbrunn is not only a Palace it is a complex with many smaller attractions accessible on foot from the Schönbrunn grounds.

This is a list of some other things to do while in the area all next to the Palace:
– Neptunbrunnen – Neptune fountain (free)
Gloriette (free unless you want to visit more)
Palace Gardens (free)
Kaiserliche Wagenburg Wien – Carriage Museum
– Irrgarten – Maze
Tiergarten – Zoo
Wustenhaus Schonbrunn – desert house
– Privy Garden (not worth the extra money)
– Orangeriegarten – Orangery Garden (not worth the extra money)
Palmenhaus – Palm house(not worth paying for the interior visit)
– Otto Wagner hofpavillonhietzing (only saw the outside)

Because we arrived so early, we were lucky and pleased to visit all these attractions in a day. A full day that is. And you know what, there is more.

If you have some physical restrictions, even if the Gloriette is uphill you can use the hop on and off train that takes you from the Palace to the Gloriette.  Look for the Panoramabahn.

I love fountains and the Neptune fountain is a very nice one and it is worth getting up close. I also appreciate the statues along the edge of the grounds but the grounds/ the flowers… it missed some originality.

What if you are traveling on a tight budget? Good news, you can still have access to the palace grounds for free and enjoy the outdoor, admire the architecture of the palace, the Gloriette and see the fountains.

If you want to maximize your day, my pieces of advice are:

  1. Get there early, before 8:30 (Take the metro if necessary). Tour buses do not run yet at that time, so it’s time to go.
  2. Start by visiting the palace where it will soon get crowded.  At 8:30AM, no waiting time which is a huge benefit.
  3. Buy your ticket in advance.  Either use your ViennaPass access or buy a combo ticket in advance so you won’t be pushed back by the cost of each entrance and it will be faster to proceed.

The overall experience is very nice, the UNESCO world site and the imposing palace is a huge attraction in Austria and an important part of the history.  Do more than just the palace, if possible. I would have been disappointed if I only had taken the standard tour of the palace.

I personally liked and I recommend for its unique aspect the carriage museum.

Enjoy your visit!

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