About me

Hello!  Welcome to Simple Travel and Recreation.

My name is Julie and I’ve been traveling with my husband for 25 years discovering and exploring new places yearly.  The extension of our family did not stop us from continuing to travel to new destinations.

I’ve come to realize that wherever I went, I have been writing. I have pieces of facts on each trip here and there. At one point, I was in the top 10 reviewers on Trip Advisor in my city however a friend of mine recommended that to start my blog and so, in 2019, I made the big step.  

I have so many ideas but with a standard 8 to 5 job and sometimes extended hours, as for many of us, I do not write regularly and I do not have blog expertise and so, I’m learning as I go.

We are a simple family that travels up to 3 consecutive weeks every year. I try to select a new destination every time I can. I’ve been recognized for selecting uncommon destinations and I tend to stay at one location for more than a night to allow us to explore at a slow pace our destination.

My objective, as I would do for a friend, is to give you tools, ideas of places to visit, insights of what to expect, inspire you by giving a small resume of what you can see and a reference guide during your visit.

I hope you will enjoy these places I’ve been and the stories of some incredible buildings.

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