Prague – Old Town Hall with the Astronomical Clock

Old Town Hall

Better than expected with the visit of the cellars

We visited the Old Town Hall with a tour guide which I recommend since sections are limited for the tour.

During our visit we saw:

  • Chapel of Virgin Mary
  • The Municipal Hall
  • George Hall
  • Romanesque Cellars
  • Old Council Hall
  • the behind the clock tour was not accessible when we went.

If you do not have the time to visit the Old Town Hall, just step into the vestibule. It is nice.

The entrance is to the left of the clock.

The Old Town Hall is located in the Old Town Square.

Astronomical Clock

The astronomical clock of Prague is definitely unique and beyond expectation.  The clock is embedded in the Old Town City Hall and can be admired from the outside and tours of the Old City Hall take you to the view behind the scene (sometimes).

It is not only a clock, it is a piece of art. The outside view is sufficient to appreciate its splendor.

First, at the top, a golden rooster, the symbol of life; then, below are two windows with an angel between them. The two windows open on the hour and Twelve Apostles will parade by.  Each Apostle holds something in their hands.  This is why so many visitors gather around the hour.

But there is more to see. The 1410 clock also presents some moving figures: a skeleton (representing death holding a bell), a vain man (the one holding a mirror), a miser (with a bag of gold), and the Turk (associated with pleasure). While the interpretation can vary, the beauty of the clock is rarely contested. These four figures are moving during the hour and remain visible after the show which is not the case for the Apostles.

The largest piece is the Astronomical dial but it is not easy to read. It shows the phase of the sun, the moon and the time.

The lower circle is a calendar where each day is assigned to a saint.

It is definitely a must see in Prague.

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