Aegina – Greece

We had selected the Island of Aegina as our last minute destination of the day before our return home.

We had selected to stay in Piraeus for the last few days of our Greece trip for different reasons and we thought it could be a good idea to add a final island destination. While Piraeus is a major port, day trip options can be limited. Our decision was based on personal feelings, reviews, transit time, availability and activities available.  

We selected Aegina based on easy beach access, restaurant availability and walking distance from the port to reach the main area.

Aegina is about 40 minutes by ferry from Piraeus, however, the boat was a stinky, diesel exhaust smelly ride, both to go and on our way back which was unfortunate and not ecological.

On the island, we walked towards the Greek Orthodox Church of Ekklisia Isodia Theotokou (Church of the Virgin Mary) and further, hoping to reach a secluded calm street.  We walked for a while and just turned around at one point.  We walked in the town behind the main road and appreciated the nice pistachio stores.  I think this was the highlight of the day.  Fresh local products.

We went to the archeological site of Kolona.  Unlike most reviews, we were quite disappointed.  Maybe because we have seen so many sites during our trip that this one… a standing column and rocks all around was not what we expected.

To reach the site from the port, you will see a beach area with chairs and umbrellas. Avra Beach is definitely the closest beach from the port, but there is also another option on the other side of  Kolona Hill. It is not a sandy beach but there were a few swimmers and it was in a natural environment.  However, the rocky beach was less inviting when we approached and consequently we headed back to the commercial one offering water and chairs.

I’m happy we tried something unexpected. If you do not try it, you can’t know.  However, I would not recommend it to my friends.  There are probably better options.  It is all about the context, your experience, your expectations and your journey.