Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park – New Brunswick

Also known as the flowerpots, the Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park represents thousands of years of work by nature. The waves, the wind, the high and low tides have created massive masterpieces only visible at low tides thus the importance of organizing your visit during the hours of low tides.  The ticket will be valid for two consecutive days if you wish to see the different scenery during high and low tides.

During low tides, you can walk the shoreline where you will feel so small between the enormous ocean stone creations which are solid but yet fragile at the same time. The smaller eroded base makes these formations breakable.

Most people follow the trail to the 100 steps staircase and observation deck. However, there are other ways to reach the ocean floor. North Beach, further north of the viewing deck or the Demoiselle Beach, south of the Interpretative Center building provides smoother access to nature’s open-air show.

Hopewell Park is located in Hopewell Cape between Moncton and the National Park of Fundy.