Brussels – Overview

Have you ever traveled for a taste experience? I did! Of course, it wasn’t just for that reason, but it was the defining point of the start of our vacation… and that place was Belgium and the reason: its beers.

It was at the time of childless travel and even if this experience goes back a few years, I have always kept my writings and thoughts on vacation. The feelings I experienced there are somehow immortalized on pages of a notebook that I am now transforming into a blog.

Rest assured, what I write is still relevant, I verified that everything is still valid before sharing the information with you. After all, my goal is for you to be inspired by my experience to create your own.

The capital of Belgium has developed a very accessible air service, even from abroad. It is, therefore, possible to have a direct flight from several major cities of the world and this is the reason why Brussels can easily be the starting point of a trip. It is logical to believe that the presence of NATO’s headquarters in Brussels contributed to its accessibility.

You probably know the essentials of Brussels. I will detail them below, but here is what I visited:

It wasn’t an option during our visit, but I’ll definitely add the Magritte Museum if I ever go back. On the other hand, in all honesty, I loved the beers, fries and chocolate, but the city itself disappointed me. It is, therefore, not necessary to linger there and I strongly suggest that you plan to visit Ghent and Brugges, which is a 1-hour drive from Brussels.

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