Fundy National Park – New Brunswick

Park Canada has many National Parks and sites selected for their historical values, others are for natural treasures. Fundy National Park is a precious vegetation terrain. Far from being boring, the unevenness of the land provides over 100km of trails with different challenge levels including some for biking.  The vast territory includes a golf course, camping sites and lakes. 

The park is a large playground where you can simply walk, bike, swim, do some kayaking, fishing and more.  There are picnic tables for a lunch break. If you are unsure of your destination, do not hesitate to ask the staff for recommendations. There are two visitor centers, one near the town of Alma, the other near Wolf.

We did two walking trails in the Fundy National Park and had our picnic at Bennett Lake.  We did the Dickson Falls as well as the Laverty Falls. Both provided a completely different experience and both were amazing.

The Dickson Falls is a loop of less than an 1-hour walk surrounded by green generous vegetation around cascades and the falls. The path is easy to navigate and an important part is on a wooden platform.

Laverty Falls is more challenging with a steep walk down to the falls. Of course, this means a walk uphill for the return to your car but the walk is worth it. Bring your swimsuit and a towel here. The spectacular site is inviting to get more than your feet wet.

Note that you can find kayak options to reach Hopewell Cape and navigate around its flowerpot water creations at high tides. However, you need to go to the Hopewell Rock Provincial Park to walk next to them at low tides.

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