Niagara Falls, Ontario

The city is named after the prominence of this amazing natural element.  Niagara Falls is undeniably an impressive representation of the power of water.  A power that is now controlled by humans.

While not apparent when you will visit the falls, the upstream of the river is diverted in important parts to provide power to hydraulic centrals. While the flow remains impressive, the fact that it is reduced can be disappointing but, on the other hand, helps against the erosion of the falls.

The water is coming from Lake Erie and via the Niagara River which is connected to  Lake Ontario. Both are part of the Great Lakes. The difference of the altitude of the lakes and the deeper drop at this location creates a beautiful show.

Geographically, the falls are located at the Canadian (Ontario Province) and American (North New York State) borders which are connected by a bridge which ease the full exploration of this place. Both cities are using the same name: Niagara Falls. Due to travel restrictions, at the time we went, we could only visit the Canadian side but we are still pleased that we did.

To many, Niagara Falls constitute a must-see place when visiting Canada.  Niagara Falls Tourism team has made an enormous effort into making this place a must-see destination. It was for a long time a praised destination for honeymooners and today it attracts a variety of visitors: family, international tourists, party groups…

You are just a few minutes’ drive from Niagara on the Lake winery region, a few hours from Toronto and next to Buffalo, NY. It is easy to combine a visit to the falls to other destinations.

Your visit and experience will depend on multitude factors: time of the year, weather conditions, if during a holiday or not and more.

The city has become a huge tourist industry and to me, its beauty still resides in the parks. The balance between tacky tourist attractions and the natural beauty can be challenging and may disturb a few but Clifton Hill Street condensed consecutive amusing stores gets entertaining and diverting to see.  In this neighborhood you will also find restaurants and stores and you are a 10 minute walk from the promenade by the falls which are nice to see day and night with the light show.

Other attractions include: the Hornblower Cruise to reach the bottom of the Horseshoe Falls and get wet, the Promenade by the falls, for the views, which is free to access, and The Journey Behind the Falls will get you behind them. There is a casino and a bit further is the Botanical Gardens, the Butterfly Sanctuary, Dufferin Island for a walk or Glen Nature Reserve, Marineland, Niagara on the Lake and more.

If you are staying in town, I do recommend to stay at a hotel and ask for the view of the falls. It is spectacular. When the children are sleeping, you can still admire the night lights a bit longer which is probably the reason for your visit after all.