Prague – Church of St. Nicholas

The Church of St. Nicolas does not directly sit on the Old Town Square but is close enough to be considered part of it.  The orientation of the church is explained by the fact it was within a small courtyard. The church was built between 1732-1737 on a previous 1273 church premise and the surrounding houses were removed in 1901. Originally built by the Czech and Slovak Orthodox church, it changed hands over time to the Russian Orthodox, the Czechoslovak Hussite Church and was also temporarily a radio station.

The décor is not the original since in 1781 an emperor imposed closure and removal of all decoration in religious buildings not providing social purpose.

One of the nice features of this church is the crystal glass chandelier donated by the Tsar Alexander II in 1880 when it was a Russian Orthodox Church. The current Czech Hussite Church offers religious services as well as concerts.

There is another church in Prague carrying the name Saint-Nicolas in Lesser Town.

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