Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu – Quebec

The village of St-Denis-sur-Richelieu was colonized around 1740. The large 1796 beautiful red doors, stone church and its circular window stand out. This place was the refuge of some important Patriot leaders back in the days.

Even if it was closed, we stopped by anyway.

The church faces the Richelieu river and across the street a park. In this park, information on the history of this place, its attributes and battles that have occur here. You can read about the Marguerite-Michel church bell (from the Whitechapel Bell Foundry of London) and the important role it took on November 23rd 1837.
In this park, you can also sit and appreciate the view of the river. Just by the park a beautiful charming ancestral stone house.

A museum is nearby for more information on the Patriots next to the Parc des Patriotes.

This village is part of the best villages in Quebec and at the same time it is also part of the four (4) picturesque villages located between the St-Laurence and the Richelieu Rivers which includes: Calixa-Lavallée, Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu, Saint-Marc-sur-Richelieu and Vercheres.

We did use the ferry between St-Denis-sur-Richelieu and St-Antoine-sur Richelieu. Very small but cuts off minutes of driving while visiting other villages.

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