Prague – St. Vitus Cathedral

Beautiful inside out – even on a rainy day!

One thing that everyone knows, is you can’t control the weather. We visited the Prague Castle on a rainy day which had the benefit of being less crowded. 

The castle complex of Prague is sitting on a hill, easy to find. While the complex is dominated by St.Vitus Cathedral, there is more to see and do while in the area.

The current cathedral looks were completed in 1929 but work started back in 1344 and was already the third religious structure to occupy the grounds. The original praying sanctuary was for the pagan community and dates back to 924. 

The popularity of the place and the royal presence brought new needs and an imposing cathedral was found to be the solution.

The name came from Wenceslas I who had obtained St. Vitus’ arm. A little odd gift that deserves a suitable location.  A religious site was determined to be the adequate solution to hold the relic and thus explaining the name and the construction of the Cathedral.

Of course, the 600 years of construction was influenced by the selected architects and artists who have brought to the building their personal touches and have made it a unique gothic character.     

Knowing that Czech kings and queens coronations and some royal members are buried with patron saints and emperors in this cathedral take this visit to another dimension.

Look at the stained glass, the St. Wenceslas Chapel and the gargoyles.

Without a ticket you have access to a restricted area. Access to a wider area and a closer view is included as part of the admission ticket to the Prague Castle complex.

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