Athens – Overview

Athens is the capital, the biggest city of Greece and one of the oldest city in the world. Founded around 800 B.C. this ancient town was settled and still gravitate around the Acropolis Hill.

While the major international airport is in the outskirt of Athens, the travelers are more than likely to visit the city quickly and aim to the different islands.

You can visit Athens is just a few hours or a couple of days.

The attractions in Athens are also exclusively related to the past and ruins.  These are the ones we visited:

There is marble on many sites, it is simple remarkable. 

If you have never been to Athens, do not hesitate to visit.  Due to the nature of available sites, I fell that once you have visited it, you are not likely to return, it guess it won’t change. 

By the way, careful, pickpockets are around! Yes, I was a victim.

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