Lucerne / Luzern – Switzerland

Switzerland was not our final destination but we decided to extend our stopover to Zurich by a few days and added Lucerne as well.

Lucerne was a beautiful and memorable day trip. Maybe because it was our first major travel with two kids (age 3 and 5), the town of Lucerne was to us enchanting and stress-free.  We were traveling at a slower pace but we were still able to view the major sights.  The weather was nice and everything when smoothly.

It took us about an hour to travel by train from Zurich.  We admired the views, played games and had a snack during the transit between the cities. The train system was efficient and I totally recommend it. Because Lucerne’s main tourist attractions are condensed, we could easily discover them on foot and from the train station. In short, it was an amazing and practical decision.

Despite the tourist season, the place was calm and serene with medieval vibes. The architecture, the famous pedestrian bridges, the lake, the surrounding mountains, the churches and the wall with the towers make this town almost like an enchanted protected castle-like place.

Fountains are everywhere in the city. It is common to have people filling their bottles at the public fountains. Despite some of them being more than 300 years old, since the water is treated with ultraviolet rays to kill germs, the majority offer drinkable water.

If you want to do some shopping, you will have opportunities. Typical souvenirs of the country include watches, Swiss army knives and chocolates.

Of course, traveling now would be a different experience.  Even though our trip goes back to a few years ago, Lucerne has its must-see tourist attractions and does not go out of fashion.  This is what we saw in a day: