Saint-Jérome – Train Stations – Quebec

While only 57km away from Montreal, it can take 40 minutes to 1h50 when in traffic to reach your destination in Saint-Jerome.  The train has been a solution for years and remains today but on a scattered limited schedule. Since 1981, St-Jerome is the end of the train line but has been considered the beginning of the North. The Canadian Pacific Railway worked for years to reach other municipalities including: St-Agathe, St-Jovite, Mont Tremblant, Mont Laurier and others. However, all these stations north of St-Jerome have been permanently closed.

In Saint-Jerome, there are two train stations, the old one and the new one.  The new one is current and active and it is the beginning and the end of the tracks that will get you to Montreal. If you look at the new structure, you will note the roof style was influenced by the old one.

The old station marks the beginning of the P’tit Train du Nord: a 232 km pathway with a cycling and skiing path that will take you to Mont-Laurier. Now, the old structure serves as an information center. The architecture is similar to many stations of that era: a solid two-story rectangular building.

Here in St-Jerome and all the way to Mont-Laurier, the Cure Antoine Labelle (1833-1891) played an important role in influencing, promoting and encouraging the implementation of train stations and developing the Laurentians region.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the St-Jerome station was the first stop for ski and winter outdoor activities. The city center and church are close by.

St-Jerome was actually the first step to a new beginning.  Built in 1897, the old train station is now surrounded in a beautiful venue next to a newly built theater (Gilles Vigneault Theater) and restaurants. This building was not the first official station or the second, but the third.  Prior to the first public building, an informal temporary residential house served as a station. The first official station dates back to 1876 and the patrimonial old train station still standing is the third 1897 construction. With its waiting area and restaurant on site, the St-Jerome station is believed to be an important station, where many passengers were expected. Road signs will guide you to the current station. Look for the beginning of the “route des belles histoires” to find the old one.

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