Montreal – Olympic Park

Summer 1976 was the year that Montreal welcomed international athletes to compete in the famous Olympic Games.  As with any country hosting such an event, major infrastructures were needed and massive organization was ongoing up to the last minute.

While the city was pleased to have been selected, the aftermath is another story. We have to admit that the Montreal Olympics was a big financial fiasco with rumors of material that was used for personnel purposes, longer time to complete the projects, questionable construction worker pressure tactics, it cost way more than expected and the citizens paid for years, 30 years if I remember correctly, after its closing event.

It was the first Canadian city to host a summer Olympics and I do not believe that Montrealers will vote to do it again anytime soon.

The Olympics in Montreal legitimately allowed the upgrade of the infrastructures and added new creations that, still today, benefit the city.  Most of the infrastructures have been converted for other purposes, but overall, despite that some love it and others hate it, it is irrefutably part of Montreal’s image.

Some places to visit in this area includes the:

You can easily plan half a day to a full day if you are visiting museums or exploring the garden. Geographically, aim for Sherbrooke Street and Pie IX Boulevard and you are within walking distance from the above mentioned sites.

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