Montreal – Olympic Stadium

The Olympic stadium had some challenges, not only during construction but also later.  Tallibert’s “Big O” project was massive.  In the shape of a donut, its unique style stands out and can be seen from afar. Montreal welcomed the Summer Olympic in 1976.

The Olympic stadium is a place for big events but is no longer the house of a permanent sports team.

The idea of a retractable flexible roof in Montreal’s environment had caused some headaches to many. Not opening as expected, the tears in the tarp and the unsafe report did not help the acceptation of the structure by locals.

The tower was only completed after the Games.  At a 45-degree angle, the 165 meter (540+feet) tall tower is the tallest inclined tower in the world.  For those of you interested, a glass funicular can take you to the top of the tower to the observatory deck to see Montreal at a different angle.

Like it or not, it is part of the city.

Olympic Pool

The Olympic Pool has kept its purpose and continued to offer its installation to the public after the closing ceremony. Of course, it went through upgrades over the years but these indoor pools have always been known as a place for the grandiose effect. The capacity to host major swimming events including synchronized swimming, diving, and water polo makes this place a favorite venue for clubs. It also offers other facilities to complete training such as a gym and exercise rooms.

It is definitively a multisport complex that welcomes not only clubs but also schools and amateurs of any level.

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