Montreal – Space for Life

In the same area, four (4) attractions have been grouped to form the Space for Life and includes the following sites: the Biodome, the Planetarium and the Botanical Garden with or without the Insectarium. You can buy combo tickets to save on your visit cost.


The Biodome has just recently reopened after the nature indoor museum went through a major renovation.  For years, the Biodome welcomed families to this place and it used to be subdivided in four (4) ecosystems (from tropical to artic), I do not know what to imagine for the next time I visit. It was nice before the renovation and I wonder that to expect next. I appreciated the proximity of the creatures. It was an excellent family activity.

This building was constructed for the 1976 Summer Olympics as the velodrome where cycling and judo events occurred.

Botanical Garden / Insectarium

During the 1976 Olympics the grounds of the garden was used for the 20K walk and a run.

This large green area facing the Olympic Stadium has been giving full attention to plant life for years. The idea started back in the early 1930’s and the concept has grown to become a beautiful diversified collection of plants and trees. 

On the grounds, you will find different outdoor theme gardens as well as greenhouses.  Walking the outdoor paths, you will encounter the toxic plants garden, the food garden, the medicinal plants garden and way way more.

There are three (3) special cultural areas to focus on: Chinese Garden with its bonsai, the Japanese with the Koi pond and the tea ceremony and the First Nation with some totem and native trees.

On this site, you can add the option of visiting the Insectarium. It is currently closed until spring 2021 due to major renovations. The 1990 museum is meant to help us understand the crucial role of insects in our ecology. They had an impressive collection of butterflies. We will have to wait to see the new place in 2021.

Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium

Since 2013, Montreal has a completely new planetarium museum located next to the Olympic Stadium and the Biodome.

The installation has two theatres as well as an exhibit area on space and astronomy. The last time we tried to go, we were not the only ones to have this idea so we left.

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