Montreal – Chateau Dufresne

The Dufresne brothers: Marius and Oscar were professionally involved in the development of the city. In the early 1900s, they constructed their house(s) with a French style.  The 1918 construction created the illusion of a large property, definitely inspired by the Petit Trianon of the Chateau Versailles in France, though it was actually two separate residences. In addition to being impressive in grandeur in this surrounding, some innovative concepts for the time were incorporated into this house.

Of course, more than a century later, this building has changed owners. While it started as a housing solution for two families, the interior was modified to become an educational establishment, and later the office of the Ministry of Cultural affairs selected this place to install the National Contemporary Art Museum. When the building was recognized as an historical place by the Quebec government, it was turned into the Decorative Art Museum and finally, in 1999, the Museum of Chateau Dufresne. Beautiful artwork was created by Nincheri, and the furniture and rooms represent the noble style housing of the time.

I was there more than 25 years ago but now … it’s really not the same. Very nice improvements, good guides. Worth a visit.

The castle is next to the Botanical Gardens and the Olympic Stadium.

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