Vienna – Albertina Museum

Presentation of a wide variety of artists

Albertina is part of the Imperial Palace and has a modern and elegant white exterior.

For the exhibition, I have mixed feelings. I love to discover new artists and I wanted to present Monet and Picasso masterpieces to my children. I was just expecting more Monet and Picasso. The August 2017 exhibit explored the era, not the specific artists only.

For the children, they had the chance to get exposure to different art, which is nice. They are able to recognize Monet, Chagall and Picasso’s art.

To me, I guess I have seen a few museums now and I was not impressed with the collection. When visiting a collection or a museum dedicated to a single artist, you get a larger, deeper sense and knowledge of the artist. Here you have a bit of many things. However, I’m glad I went because I found Franz Sedlacek paintings interesting.

We did not visit all the exhibits in the museum. There is so much to see, we probably missed some things.

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