Vienna – The Hofburg

For many justified reasons, this place attracts hundreds of people per day. First, its location. Being in the city center, you can’t miss it. Second, it presents an incredible architecture and third, we are talking about royals here. The Hofburg was the winter residence of the Habsburgs until 1918 and the Schonbrunn Palace was the summer home.

The Hofburg palace is now the home and work place of the Federal President. Like other palaces, the Hofburg is more than a building, it’s a complex with different functions that grew over time.

If you wish to visit the interior of the building, you have three (3) choices: the Imperial Apartments, the Sisi (Empress Elisabeth) Museum and the Silver Collection.

If we extend the complex, we can include the Volksgarten Park, the Natural History Museum, the Austrian National Library, the Imperial Chapel, the Spanish Riding School and the Museum of Fine Arts. I’m sure I’m missing some.

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