Dominica – Scott’s Head

Great viewpoint – you are at the end of the Southwest road

Scott’s Head is definitely at the end of the southwest coast road, after la Soufriere village, and a small hill is connected to the island via a rocky path “road”. The easy to climb point offers a view of the area and is at the junction of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It can be windy and it is preferable to go during the daytime. Roads are not lit at night and conditions may not be at their best.
The fishing village is recognized for its esteemed snorkeling and diving spots. However, the water can be for an experienced person. Marine life is known to be rich. The water and weather conditions were not on our side the day of our visit.
The village was devastated by the passage of Hurricane Maria and many structures were destroyed, sometimes leaving rubble or sometimes only the ceramic floors. It was a sad picture. Limited service to no service was offered in the area.

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