Vienna – Fine Arts Museum (Kunsthistorisches)


Kunsthistorisches Museum is sometimes translated to the Museum of Art History or the Museum of Fine Arts.  This magnificent building is facing its twin and is separated by the Maria Theresa Platz.  Both were specially made for the emperor keeping in mind the objective to present to the public unique immense collections. While having a similar exterior, the interior of the Naturhistorishes (Museum of National History) and the Kunsthistorisches (Museum of Fine Arts) offer totally different types of collections.

This museum can please a wide variety of visitors.  Since we all have different appreciation of art, you are more than likely to find something you like: famous paintings, portraits, Egyptian and Roman collections, sculptures, vases,…

You can spend a full day in this museum.  We did not but I guess it’s better to see a part of it than nothing at all.

Accessible via the Ringstrasse.

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