Dominica – Mero Beach

Calm, clean, black sand beach with a view of the sunset

While we do appreciate full-service glamourous beaches for our comfort and pleasure, an overly exploited resort may not be the best in all aspects.

Most beaches visited in Dominica were simple, naturally built sand patches that are purely just meant to appreciate and enjoy as is. The turbulence of mother nature leaves scars every time it hits and installations have been ripped off at certain places over the years. Rebuilding can be expensive especially on islands. The islanders had no choice but to live with letting nature take its course and it gives this piece of land a less artificial and more natural atmosphere.

Your appreciation of the site will depend on your previous experience. This black sand beach was nice but it was not incredible. However, the people are amazing. It was a perfect place to interchange with the community. Everywhere we went in Dominica, people were incredibly nice. We might not be used to it, but everybody respectfully greets others, even strangers. An enjoyable gesture that I would not mind seeing more commonly in my community.
Of course, as visitors, we need some rudimentary elements and if amenities are available, it will prolong our stay. Mero Beach does have the facilities to accommodate guests which may also explain the popularity of the site when compared to others.

The colored tiny buildings along the narrow road will satisfy one of your common needs.
We were staying just above the beach and the sunsets were amazing.

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