Budapest – Castle Hill – Summary

Welcome to one of Budapest’s most visited grounds: Castle Hill.  This part of the city is filled with beautiful historical sites recognized by UNESCO.

This is a nice place to walk, stroll, and discover at your own rhythm.

It is accessible by car, bus or on foot via the steps.  You can also take the funicular located at the end of the Chain Bridge.

I recommend the funicular. It is conveniently located and takes you to the right place.

Please refer to my post on the funicular for more information. Of course you can either walk or take the bus as well.

It is an absolutely great place to start your visit since it gives you an awesome overview of what you will visit during your stay.

The principal landmarks on top of Castle hill include:

  • Buda Castle, its grounds and the museums.
    • Hungarian National Gallery
    • Budapest History Museum
    • National Szechenyi Library
    • Castle grounds
      • Matthias fountain
      • Statue of Prince Eugene of Savoy
      • Entrance Iron gate
      • Lion Gate
      • Crow gate
  • Sandor Palace
  • Fisherman Bastion
  • St Stephen I Statue
  • Trinity Square
    • Matthias Church
    • Trinity Column
  • Hospital in the Rock 

Other streets on top of the Hill are nice to navigate.  We found a fountain in a hidden corner which was not indicated anywhere.

Well, I guess it is not a surprise that there was a time where royal families lived here.  King Bela IV was the first to live here. 

Other posts describe in more details each element.

Sandor Palace

If landing via the funicular, on your right, you have the Sandor Palace. Don’t under estimate the importance of this Palace. It is in fact the current, since 2003, Presidential Palace, that right! It is the office and the official residence of the President of the Republic of Hungary.

The mansion is guarded but is not fenced and was not opened to the public when we went by.

If you continue on your right you will reach the Fisherman’s Bastion, Mathias church, restaurants, small squares, quint streets and more. If you go to your left, you will reach the Buda Castle complex.

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