Budapest – Fisherman Bastion

On top of Castle Hill, you may also be impressed by the beautiful Fisherman Bastion design, its layout and the towers. If you first see Matthias church, the Bastion is right behind it. The Bastion counts seven towers to represent the seven chieftains, leaders of seven tribes, who founded the country in 895. The place is definitely impressive. 

The objective of the construction was to dissociate the Buda Castle with a military place. The fortress wall was a more closed out place which was bombarded by enemies a few times. Along with other initiatives in the city to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of the city, the King accepted to change the reason to make it more friendly and welcoming to the citizens.

Fisherman Bastion is offering a place to view the city no longer associated with military. The distinctive construction is like an enchanted fairytale fortress.  It is unlike any intimidating austere fortification walls. No wonder why it is so popular.  The views of the Danube and the Pest side are awesome as well.

As for its name, there are different speculations as to its origins, including the presence of a fish market and the wall protecting the people of Watertown, also known as Fishtown.

Enjoy your visit!

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