Budapest – Buda Hill Funicular

Castle Hill is steep, and although you can go by foot, by bus or by car, one of the good ways is via the funicular. It is a smooth panoramic experience to the top of the hill. There are only 2 stops.

Once on peak, you can find: Buda Castle, Matthias Fountain, Fisherman’s Bastion, Matthias Church, museums, ruins and more.

The funicular is on the Buda side of the Chain Bridge and it takes you to the top of Buda Castle Hill next to the palace.

Before heading to the funicular, and after you cross the Chain bridge, you will arrive at the Clark Adam ter (Adam Clark square) named after the engineer who lead the chain bridge project as well as protected it.  He is also associated with the work of the tunnel next to the square.

While waiting, look around for a few things that are interesting to know in this square:

  • Zero Kilometer Stone
  • Country’s Coat of Arms
  • The tunnel

Zero Kilometer Stone is a sculpture made of limestone simply forming a “0”. It is actually the reference point that all road distances to Budapest are measured by.

The dominant mosaic on the red brick wall is in fact Hungary’s Coat of Arms.

Finally, the tunnel.  Through it you can walk or drive through to the other side of Castle Hill. 

Note: There are restrooms in this area if needed.

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