Budapest – Danube promenade

On the Pest side, between Erzsebet Bridge and the parliament, you can walk along the Danube River on the Danube promenade.

You will view the Buda side and the Castle on the opposite side of the river.  Along the way, you will encounter landmarks and sculptures.  The statues of William Shakespeare, the Little Princess, the Girl and the Dog are all within a quiet ambiance.  You will see a few of the bridges that cross the Danube including the famous Chain Bridge. As you  get closer to the parliament, the Shoes on the Danube monument deserve more consideration. The iron cast life size shoes along the shore are a symbolic tribute to a brutal time. Thousands of Jews, who were asked to remove their shoes before being executed along the river during WWII, are honored here. Let us never allow this to happen again.

If you cross the Danube via the Chain Bridge, you will be directly next to the funicular that can take you up to the Castle Hill.

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