Budapest – Szechenyi Chain Bridge

Connecting important sites

Budapest counts a few landmarks on its grounds and the Chain Bridge is definitely one of them.  Crossing over the beautifully romantic Danube, it is a lovely place to see day or night. 

Connecting Buda and Pest, you can recognize the bridge by it’s Lion Statues on either side. Well displayed lighting makes this bridge a prevailing attraction in the city.

It also marks the first permanent stone bridge to connect the cities. Today the city counts eight (8) bridges that connect the two banks.

At the time of its construction and completion in 1849, it was already a dominant feature.  Unfortunately, in 1945, all the bridges in Budapest were blown up by German troops including this one.  Fortuitously, the towers and the lions sustained the impact.  The Chain bridge, also known by Szechenyl chain bridge, in honor of its initiator, Istvan Szechenyl, was rebuilt and reopened in 1949, 100 years after the original opening.  It remains in use today.    Take the time to walk on the pedestrian walkway to have a beautiful view of the parliament.

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