Budapest – Hosok Tere (Heroes’ Square)

Imposing square

At the end of Andrassy Avenue (Pest side) and on the M1 metro line, you can reach Heroes Square.

The very tall column at its center is the Millennium Monument.  At its base you can see the sculpture of the seven chieftains, leaders of seven tribes, who founded the country in 895.

Behind the column is semi-circle split into two section were statues of Hungarian famous people, including kings and leaders are presented.

On each side of the square stands the Museum of Fine Arts and Hall of Art or Palace of Art.

You can spend lots of time here.

Also from here you are close to the City Park (Városliget).

Museum of Fine Arts

As per other Fine Arts museums, this museum consist of collections of painting, sculptures, carvings, prints and drawings as well as artifacts and pieces of architecture.. The permanent exhibition traces back to the Ancient Egypt period.

If the front porch of the museum seems familiar it is because of the Greek influence with the octastyle columns and triangular decorative surface sitting over the columns. 

Hall of Art or Palace of Art

The Hall of Art does not carry a permanent exhibition.  Artists have the opportunity to present their art to the public, therefore, it is constantly renewed.  The museum is considered a contemporary art museum because it presents modern art in all shapes and states.

The front portico has six columns and has a colorful mosaic representing the reign of King Stephen.


The Metro station is also very close to the square.  Being one of the oldest lines in Europe, visiting or even riding the Metro is experience close to history.

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