Montreal – McCord Museum

690, rue Sherbrooke Ouest (West)

Montreal has a few good museums and the McCord Museum is one of them.  Now affiliated with the Fashion Museum, the McCord Museum continues the work of Mr. David Ross McCord by improving the collections via acquisitions and integrating elements that Mr. McCord started before the 20th century.

Its full name is McCord Museum – Montreal Social History Museum which confirms its objective.

The collections help us understand our past by providing a center for conservation, knowledge, education, research and exhibitions. Multiple artifacts, photos, paintings and attires confirm the lives and the image of Montreal including the First Nations, through ups and downs of the city.

A special mention and thanks to the museum for the acquisition of the Ogilvy historical mechanical Christmas window (1947-2017) which allows many of us to continue the wonderment during the holiday season. The museum presents the window in an exterior box that you can enjoy viewing at the corner of Sherbrooke and Victoria Street during the holiday season.

The Victoria Street, next to the museum, is been used by the museum to extend its work outdoors.

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