Montreal – McGill University and Gate

The McGill University has a lot of distinctive standing.

First and most important, it offers a wide variety of classes but has been particularly recognized for art, science, management, medicine and engineering.  The research centers are also reasons why the university has many PHD graduates.

The location is great for any student especially international visitors.  The main campus is at the bottom of Mount Royal and occupies a wide green space for a peaceful break next to the downtown area.

The university has many campuses in the neighborhood area and even outside the main section.  If you walk down Peel Street between Pine Avenue West and Sherbrooke Street you will see houses converted into multiple pavilions.

The 1821 McGill University has an excellent reputation and standing which encourages international students to consider this university as an option.

The buildings around the main campus present a distinctive historical architecture. The Redpath Museum is also on the campus.

Roddick Gate

On Sherbrooke Street, facing McGill College Avenue and to access the grounds of the McGill University, you will notice a semi-circular split gate with a clock tower on one side: it is the Roddick Gate.

The gate was a gift from Sir Roddick’s wife to honor him after his passing.  Roddick, who had graduated with honors at McGill University, had been involved in legislative medicine acts, worked at the Royal Victoria Hospital as a surgeon and taught at the university as well. The gate, including the clocks, have been sitting there since 1925. 

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