Montreal – Strathcona Music Building (Schulich School Of Music)

555 Sherbrooke West

The 555 Sherbrooke West building is the McGill College Music campus.  The mansion style building was built to give women access to higher education. At the time of its construction in 1899, girls and boys did not attend the same classes or even the same schools.  The Royal Victoria College was an annex to McGill University but for girls only.  Of course, today it is open to all.

The current building offers not only classrooms but also rehearsal rooms and halls of different sizes. The Pollack Hall is the biggest with 600 seats able to host different types of events. On the front steps of the 1899 building, a statue of Queen Victoria sits confidently on an elevated seat. It was molded from a previous version in London created by one of the Queen’s children, Princess Louise.  It is not the only Queen Victoria monument in Montreal. In Square Victoria, you can find another one.

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