Montreal – Insectarium

4581 Sherbrooke St E


Located in the Botanical Gardens, the Insectarium has had a facelift. Recently reopened, in 2022, the new layout is very colorful and aims to be an immersive experience from the start. Indeed, you enter the world of an anthill in a bewitching setting of almost claustrophobic tunnels where we experience the sensations of the underground world with the vibrations and the corridors that follow one another. Try to balance yourself on the pistils or perceive the images with many eyes. Although we guess the different parts of the sections, little indication is given.

The second part is the one with some showcases where you are looking to find the camouflaged living creatures in a very limited number of caissons.

Then comes the impressive dome where multiple insects are presented in some 70 displays. The upper part of the boxes place them by color. The lower part divides them by characteristics: long tongue, male/female difference, size difference, stingers, horned ones, antennae, decomposers,… This part of the exhibition is very visual but without in-depth information unless browsed with an app. The colors are vibrant but we would like more details.

The fourth part is the aviary where several butterflies are flying around us. The path of ants peeling colored leaves is impressive. The landscaping is lovely with plants and fountains.

Finally, a small part offers a craft workshop for young people.

If you have the chance, speak with the instructors on-site to learn more, no matter where you are in the museum. Each will bring other facts to the exhibition.

It was in 1986 that the entomologist Georges Brossard convinced Jean Drapeau, mayor of the city, to create this natural space dedicated to insects. He bequeathed his collection of 250,000 insects from several continents. The collection of Firmin Laliberté has also been added. The Montreal Insectarium opened in 1990 by Mayor Jean Doré.

In the same sector of Montreal, three (3) other attractions form Space for Life: the Biodôme, the Planetarium, and the Botanical Gardens. The 5th museum is the Biosphere on Sainte-Hélène Island.

Please note that while the Insectarium is on the site of the Botanical Gardens, in some seasons you will need a pass to access the grounds of the garden. If you are only going to the Insectarium, it is best to park your vehicle next to Parc Maisonneuve as it is the closest to the Insectarium.

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