Guadeloupe – Markets

Several villages have a colorful market that embellishes and brings visitors and villagers together. Spices, punch, jams, fresh juices, fruits and vegetables, smell good and the atmosphere is pleasant.

Going around a market is an experience to living in Guadeloupe, however, you will quickly notice that the kiosks of local products look very similar in the same market as from one market to another. This copy-paste questions us about the factual provenance.

The cane juice pressed on site, the coconut water drinks, the fruits and vegetables; there is no doubt about the freshness, but for other products bearing similar packaging with the same inscriptions and the same calligraphy leads us to have doubts. The reason for its likenesses is because the supply of the merchants is made from the same local cooperative and, therefore, the resellers have identical products and benefit from a volume discount for their purchase.

In its markets, the welcome is warm, but some may incur a persuasive, decisive, or even aggressive approach. Beware of trial samples as they may no longer be free if you do not buy.

We  personally enjoyed seeing the live cane juice extract at the Le Moule market, the coconut water fresh from the nut at le Moule again, the coconut sorbet in Sainte-Anne, juices of all kinds at many occasions, the samosas at the Moule and Gigi’s jewelry at the Rotonde in Saint-François.

The local juices and the coconut sorbet are really worth trying.

We stopped at the Saint-François rotunda market, Sainte-Anne market, Pointe-à-Pitre market, Le Moule market, Darse fish market in Pointe-à-Pitre and Pointe-Noire market.