Guadeloupe – Zoo Park – Parc des Mamelles

Nestled in the tropical forest, this animal living space is absolutely beautiful. Well laid out, the enclosures are clean, the course is simple and pleasant in addition to including an air space. Wear good shoes, as the rain can make the course on the wood sections slippery.

I always hesitate before going to a zoo. Even before paying for the entrance tickets, at 16 euros per person, I questioned more than one visitor who had completed their visit for their comments. They were all positive and I would have done the same after our journey. Animal respect, the animal’s living space and the natural climatic environment count on the animal’s quality of life. The few drops of rain having scared many visitors away, we had more space and were able to explore the well-maintained trails at our own pace.


The site is easily accessible if you are driving. The entrance is directly on the Route de la Traversée (D23) near other sites such as the Cascade aux Écrevisses and the Maison de la Forêt.

The zoo is therefore in the National Park of Guadeloupe.


Clearly, this place goes far beyond presenting animal species to visitors. Their mission is more than a tourist attraction, it is in fact a living space for public education, research, protection and animal survival.

Such a mission requires quality personnel who ensure the long-term well-being of the animals. Being part of groups such as EAZA, AFdPZ and WAZA also assures us that the park cares about the quality, ethics and environment of the animals under its responsibility.

The path is well marked in this rich tropical forest.


There are several animal species, some of which are rare or endangered. Most are mammals, birds and reptiles. An insectarium section is also set up. Three species of felines are observable: jaguar, puma, ocelot.

This zoo is part of a group promoting exchanges of animals in order to promote mating and provide a favorable climate for their long-term survival. It is therefore possible that during your visit new guests will be present.

More than a zoo

I have already mentioned that this site is not just a zoo.  It is a place of survival, research, education, and even more. You are in the National Park of Guadeloupe, in the lush forest and at the same time, you will discover a wonderful flora and part of the decor at the top of the trees.

Indeed, for ages 12 years and over, 14 walkways are suspended 20 meters above the ground and allow you to see the site from another angle. Be careful, humidity makes the wood slippery. The number of people is limited to 2 per section and there is no need to advise you that certain safety rules must be respected, hence the reason for age restrictions.

For the youngest, a very pretty park is reserved for them just a little further.

It is frankly pleasant, surprising and captivating to combine fauna and flora by taking a few steps on the ground and in the air.

Hope you enjoy your visit as we did.

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