Guadeloupe – Sainte- Anne (Sentann’)

The community of Sainte-Anne is colourful, active, bustling and settles down after 7:00 p.m. The beaches are amazing.  Each could be on the cover of a vacation brochure. No surprise to know that it is in this town that Club Med settled in the southern part of Grande-Terre.

On the other hand, Sainte-Anne is a victim of its popularity. Traffic jams are common, the beaches busy and parking spaces hard to find unless you go there on a Sunday. On the other hand, on Sunday, some shops are closed.

It is possible to avoid the long lines of traffic of Sainte-Anne via the secondary roads. Although more sinuous, this region, nicknamed Grands-Fonds, offers an unpredictable landscape to see in Guadeloupe.

On the beach side, that’s not what’s missing here. We visited several in Sainte-Anne except the most popular, the Caravelle. We attempted to get there, but the parking was too complex for a simple stop, the capacity was unclear and the passage very narrow in a two-way street discouraged us.

The golden sandy beach of Sainte-Anne runs along the main road and gives a magnificent view of the yachts moored there. Merchants of fruits, vegetables, clothes, and jewelry offer their creations and various products, and this is on both sides of the boulevard.

This is the perfect place to try the succulent Sorbet Coco.

It is also the place to find a grocery store open on Sunday mornings and an organic grocery store.

There is no doubt that Sainte-Anne must be part of a stop during a stay in Guadeloupe.

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