Guadeloupe – Cascade aux écrevisses (Crayfish waterfalls)

On the D23, also known as “La route de la traversée” (crossing road), in the middle of the Guadeloupe National Park nature reserve, it is possible to have easy access to a pretty waterfall some 10 meters (32ft) high within a few steps (10 minutes walk) from the start of the walking path. Very popular for its proximity, its free access and its leveled path, the refreshing waterfall and its bath allow you to swim in the natural pool at the foot of the waterfall. Watch out for slippery rocks that could cause you to lose your footing.

Despite its name, don’t worry, the crayfish have found another, more peaceful place to live. We only came across one during our walk.

Parking is available nearby but its popularity means that it is not enough and other options are planned along the road.

It is possible to have a picnic on the other side of the road opposite the main parking lot.

While it was not our case due to light rain, I’ve been informed that sometimes there might be a line to access the cascade.

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