Lucerne – Unter der egg / Rathausquai

A pedestrian path runs along the Reuss River on the side of the old town and provides access to popular places. You will have the opportunity to admire the different points of view, ideal for enthusiastic photographers. Enjoy a simple walk or have a bite in one of the restaurants offering a terrace with views.

Unter der egg is the extension of Rathausquai and vice versa. The street is changing its name without you noticing it. Unter der egg joins the Hotel des Balances (Weinmarket) until Rathausquai (Kornmarkt). The latter starts just behind the Town Hall and continues to Seebrucke.

Notice the architecture of the buildings along the banks. You will have access to the famous Chapel Bridge (Kapellbruchke), and Rathaussteg. In just a few steps, you will have easy access to the Weinmarket Square (previously known as the fish market) known for the Hotel des Balances and the painted houses, the Chapel St.Peter (Peterskapelle) on Kapellplatz and also, the Kornmarkt, with the Town Hall and its tower.

Need water, find the 1925 fountain built in the architectural pillar of the arch. The four lion heads are the taps. It’s called the Fish Fountain (Fischbrunnen), but don’t look for the fish. Located next to the river and old fish market, the basin was used to wash fish.

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