Lucerne – The Lion monument or Lion of Lucerne (Löwendenkmal) in Löwenplatz (Lion Square)

All tourist books refer to this monument when visiting the city and for a reason.  The beautiful creation with attention to meaningful details is behind an absolute sad event. With the continuous attraction, the memory of those who lost their lives are not being forgotten. The lion that symbolizes strength, courage and the king in his kingdom, is presented here at the end of life whose power is weakening to its limit. The Lion of Lucerne is carved in a white sandstone wall of a cliff above a pond, in a calm square. The monument was created in 1821 in memory of the soldiers, heroes of the Swiss Guard who died in service protecting the French King Louis XVI during the French Revolution of 1792.

Note the shields on which the lion is resting his head. One has the fleur de lys representing France and the second is the cross as per the Swiss flag. Above it is engraved “Helvetiorum Fidei AC Virtuti” which means Swiss faith and virtue.

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