Lucerne – Jesuit Church (Jesuitenkirche)

Lucerne’s Jesuit Church elegantly faces the bank of the River Reuss with its two imposing towers topped with onion-shaped domes. It can be seen from different angles including from the opposite bank and both covered bridges. Although work began in December 1666, it was consecrated in 1677, even if some interior elements were unfinished. The towers were only added in the 19th century due to a lack of financial resources.

The cult place was intended for a dual-use, a church and a school. The Jesuit Grammar School accommodated 300-400 students which was considerably high considering the total number of residents at that time.

The church is dedicated to St Francois Xavier (St. Franz Xaver) and was, from 1774-1966, a religious school only. The church resumes its title and its activities. This Catholic church has a bright white interior with touches of pink. There are five portals on the facade, above the central entrance, there is a niche with the sculpture of San Francesco Saverio.

The place of worship is available to rent for concerts and acoustic performances.