Lucerne – Culture and Congress Centre

Luzern Culture and Congress Centre or KKL Luzern Building (Kultural Kongresszentrum Luzerne)

In an environment filled with historical, medieval construction, the contrast of this modern place next to water still merges well together. Next to the Lucerne train station and its arch, the LLC or KKL has integrated water effects into its structure. The 1998 Center is divided into three separate focuses. The theater/concert hall excels in all your needs for music performances. In the middle section, conference halls offer flexible rooms for presentations, events and meetings. Finally, you can find the Luzern Art Museum (Kunstmuseum), with its contemporary collection. Water elements flow in the building to remind us of the proximity of the river.

The modern building is recognizable by its massive flat cantilever roof and the Wagenbach fountain.

Europaplatz and the Wagenbachbrunnen

The square with the most recent infrastructure is Europaplatz. It is where you will find the Kultural Kongresszentrum Luzerne (KKL) (Art and Congress Centre) along with the impressive Wagenbach fountain. The square has a modern style despite the fountain dating back to 1934. It is in the memory of Xaver Wagenbach (1796-1870) who gave money to the city for a public accessible fountain.  However, it seems to be one of the rare fountains that you can’t drink the water from.

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